Changing the Rules

August 11, 2014   A decision by the NCAA Board of Directors may grant increased autonomy — the ability to make some of their own rules — to the top five Division 1 athletics conferences. Some say it will increase the professionalization of college athletics and make it harder for programs in conferences like the West Coast Conference to compete and recruit.

High on Heels

July 24, 2014   What Henry Lepore Dessert ’11 learned at his grandfather’s upholstery business — craftsmanship and quality — are the foundation of his own line of high-fashion shoe collection.

A School Counselor in Every School

July 24, 2014   Paul De Sena has been training school counselors at LMU for nearly 50 years. Here he looks back on the school counselor profession that he says is indispensable to student success.

From Classroom to Construction Site

July 24, 2014   Britney Calucag ’14 found a way to make the transition from life as a college student to the real world one of the simplest yet: This engineering major took a job with the construction firm that is constructing LMU’s new Life Sciences building.

A Witness to the Music Revolution

July 24, 2014   Michael Bone, who had stints with Def Amerian, Electra, Island Records and Chrysalis during his career as a record promoter and executive, earned his M.B.A. after leaving the music business, an industry that was almost completely overhauled from the impact of a tech revolution.

A Case for Excellence

June 24, 2014   LMU Magazine won four national awards this month, including a gold for general excellence and a silver for Photographer of the Year. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes at some of the thinking that’s bringing more recognition to Loyola Marymount University.

Short Animation Film Nets Student Academy Award

June 24, 2014   Hayley Foster ’13 wins a 2014 Student Academy Award for her animated short, “Yamashita,” and joins the ranks of previous winners including John Lasseter and Spike Lee.

Studying the Polls

June 24, 2014   LMU students visited almost 400 of the city’s polling places during this month’s election to observe and document conditions in L.A.’s voting locations. Their work puts a spotlight on how the conditions of voting sites may affect the right to vote.

An Astronaut’s View of Space

May 20, 2014   James Lovell is one of the most-heralded U.S. astronauts for his role as commander of Apollo 13, a space mission that turned near failure into a nearly unbelievable rescue. Lovell, who delivered the 2014 commencement address, talks about his career and space exploration.

The Marginalization of Mercy

May 20, 2014   Mercy is often seen narrowly as a virtue possessed only by individuals. But it also has been a characteristic of public life. John Parrish, professor of political science, has studied changes in the concept of mercy over the centuries and why it is a marginalized virtue in today’s politics.