LMU’s Charlie Brown Story

December 13, 2014   Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts”-based shows have become a Christmas season staple. Here’s a glimpse at how the classic specials were made, and two little-known connections that tie together Charlie Brown and LMU.

Christmas Gifts for Francis

December 13, 2014   Ever wonder what you’d do if you were Pope Francis’ Secret Santa? We asked Thomas P. Rausch, S.J., professor of theological studies, what he’d give the bishop of Rome this holiday season if he had the chance.

The Cost of the Ticket

December 13, 2014   How much will a ticket to a pro baseball game set you back next season? Well, like a lot of prices, it may depend on the day you pay. Or on the opponent’s won-loss record. Or on how many people are also buying tickets. Pricing policies aren’t static anymore.

Indie Artist Brittany Myers ’12 Shares Her Playlist

November 22, 2014   Singer/songwriter Brittany Myers ’12 gives us her favorite 15 songs. Take a look, and listen to her Top 15 Spotify playlist.

The Witness of the Martyrs

November 16, 2014   David Romero, S.J, ’09 reflects on the unexpected way that the murder of six Jesuits in El Salvador, their housekeeper and her duaghter in 1989 continues to change lives years afterward, including his own.

James L. Brooks, Comedy Master, Talks Craft

November 22, 2014   James L. Brooks gets the seriousness of comedy. Underlying his funniest lines are deep bonds between his characters. He talks with Professor Jeffrey Davis about actors, shows and creative freedom.

President Burcham To Step Down in May

October 25, 2014   David W. Burcham, president of Loyola Marymount University, announced he will leave his post in May 2015 after more than two decades of service to LMU and Loyola Law School.

Carving the Pipeline ... in Tuscany?

October 25, 2014   Jason Baffa ’95, with a couple of surf films already to his name, found a young and passionate wave-riding culture in Italy, and it’s the subject of his new documentary, “Bella Vita.”

Next Round in the Hacking Wars

October 25, 2014   Fighting hacking looks more and more like an unending battle: JPMorgan, Target, Home Depot, and even Apple’s iCloud have been attacked in the past several months. Is the fight against hacking a winnable war?

Dave Eggers’ Voice of Skepticism

September 24, 2014   Author Dave Eggers doubts solutionism — the promise that technology can solve all our problems. Technology not only is eroding privacy, he says, it’s also changing how we define privacy.