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November 20, 2015  |  The View From Above

Our new campus tour video takes you above and inside some of LMU’s most beautiful locales and buildings from Sacred Chapel to Gersten Pavilion and the new Life Sciences Building.

October 23, 2015  |  A Look at the President

Professor, mathematician, musician and university president, Timothy Law Snyder has lived a creative, wide-ranging life that has taken him from Toledo to Princeton, Georgetown and, now, Los Angeles. Watch this video to get to know LMU’s 16th president from the perspective of those who have known and worked with him.

October 22, 2015  |  Q&A With Jo Blankenship

Girls’ and women’s soccer got a huge, across-the-board boost when the U.S. national women’s team won the World Cup this summer. We filmed a devoted group 10- and 11-year-old fans of the LMU women’s team as they talked with star midfielder Jo Blankenship ’16, currently second in goals and points in the WCC. Watch our video to see the questions they asked.

September 10, 2015  |  Welcome, Pope Francis

When 300 Jesuits in training from across North America came to Loyola Marymount University, we asked them to offer words of welcome to Pope Francis before his visit to the United States and for their thoughts about the significance of a Jesuit pope.

July 23, 2015  |  Presidential Inauguration

Would you like to make a video selfie to welcome Timothy Law Snyder, LMU’s new president? We’ll assemble a collage of welcome video selfies to run during his inauguration ceremony on Oct. 6. We’ll randomly pick a selfie winner, who will receive a free Apple Watch. Watch our video for instructions.

June 19, 2015  |  2015 Commencement

How many times have we wished commencement ceremonies could be speeded up? Watch our time-lapse of the 2015 undergraduate commencement exercises and find if you’d really want what you wish for. Enjoy.

June 9, 2015  |  Game On

Few rivalries divide Southern California more deeply than the Dodgers-Angels rivalry: blue or red? L.A. County or O.C.? We asked alumni to send photos taken at Dodger Stadium and the Big A during the annual freeway series in early April. Here is a selection. (Apologies to the Lion fans pictured: We have room to identify only the sender of the photo.)

June 4, 2015  |  Unmanned Man

Mark Pestana ’75 talks about flying a NASA unmanned aircraft system to fight forest fires and his work advising the Federal Aviation Administration in developing commercial drone regulations.

June 2, 2015  |  Wedding and Baby Photos from LMU Magazine Summer 2015

Take a look at the wedding and baby photos published in the summer 2015 edition of LMU Magazine.

May 15, 2015  |  A Chapter Closes

The final Convo Hour was marked in style with music, games, food and, of course, info tables. Take a look, and savor the memories.

January 23, 2015  |  A Natural Wonder

The beauty of LMU’s bluff is endlessly alluring. Then, when you think you’ve seen it all, the sun sets, and it just takes your breath away. Watch our time-lapse as the Earth’s nearby star sets in January.

December 8, 2014  |  Texas’ Death Valley

Matthew Campanella ’13 says he wanted to help make a documentary about the conditions faced by immigrants in Texas because of what he learned about being “a man for others” as a member of LMU’s Magis service organization.

December 8, 2014  |  A Christmas Tradition

There may be no real snow on Regents Terrace when the Christmas tree is lit every December, but there are sleigh rides and carols, and plenty of good cheer.

December 8, 2014  |  A Day on an Oregon Farm

Brenda (Kirsch) Frketich ’06 returned to her family’s Oregon farm after graduating from LMU because she missed the dirt. Watch our audio slideshow and hear her talk about the farm and what it means to her.

December 8, 2014  |  Apologies to Aesop

On a bright afternoon in 1975, English major Bruce McBirney ’76 and a motley, clever cast staged a standard text near Foley Pond: Aesop’s fable “The North Wind and the Sun.” Now, years later, McBriney, a poet, has immortalized that spring spectacle. Listen to McBirney describe the scene as he recites his poem.