Anthony Ireland: Iceman

Ashley Hamilton, Senior Forward
“Anthony has always been a fierce competitor. He’s become more of an iceman. In pressure situations, Anthony puts everything in his head, like an equation, and comes out with an answer.”

Marin Mornar, Freshman Forward
“I’ve never seen a player like him, in Croatia or the U.S.: He’s always two steps ahead of every-body. If we’re losing by one, and Anthony has the ball, I say, ‘We’re good.’”

Godwin Okonji, Junior Forward
“You can never tell what he’s thinking. He’s relaxed under pressure and polished. He enters the lane whenever he wants to. Anthony is the craftiest player I have ever played with.”

Nick Stover, Freshman Forward
“Anthony is a very clutch player. You have to have confidence in yourself, the mental mindset to know you can hit a clutch shot. I have faith in Anthony every time.”

LaRon Armstead ’12
“Anthony is the most devastating and hard-working — and the greatest — player I have ever played alongside of.”

Detroit Flanagan ’64
“He is the go-to guy in pressure situations. He’s a game-changer, due to his quickness and ability to get up off the ground. Although he’s diminutive, relatively speaking, in size, he plays much taller than he is.”

Jeff Fryer ’90
“Anthony has ability and high basketball I.Q. That’s what differentiates great from good players: being smart. I’d rather have a player with high basketball I.Q. than a great athlete. He is both.”

Myke Scholl, Assistant Coach
“Anthony has proven he is a leader, and his teammates rely on him. What makes him different is his humility. He’s one of the most humble kids I’ve met who is that good.”

Max Good, Head Coach
“Anthony is very tough, very good with the ball, very unselfish, very team-oriented. We have a keen understanding. I trust him as a player; I totally trust him as a human being.”