Which Tradition Should I Be Part Of?

“I’ve been told LMU is famous for its traditions, but what are the can’t-miss ones that I simply must pack into my four years here, so I don’t graduate without experiencing them?” —Micaela Hammond ’19

Open Mic night! Also, First Amendment Week speakers or any speaker invited by your department. You get to learn from and network with professionals outside LMU, and they are usually really inspirational. Those opportunities don’t come as often after you graduate, or you have to pay hundreds or even thousands to attend their lectures.
Nancy Gallegos

Attend a Christian Life Community meeting. Lead a tour for prospective students. Dance on-stage at the Na Kolea Luau. “Swim” across Sunken Garden after a big rain storm. Walk along Dockweiler State Beach under a full moon. Visit all the chapels on campus. Fly a kite on the top of Drollinger. Dj on KXLU. Write an article for The Loyolan. Volunteer at Special Games.
Matt Trinca ’01

Slide down the LMU letters.
Alex Cole ’00

Alternative Spring Break! I did it twice, and the experience was amazing!
Nicole Allen ’09

Nighttime frisbee golf through Alumni Mall.
Chris Turkmany ’87

Emmaus retreat.
Alisha Common Ferrario ’02

Jon Whited ’90

I think a vision is important, but this is a great time in your life to enjoy being a student; be open and explore your passion. You have the rest of your life to pack on the checklist for your career. Have fun, watch the sunset and just chill with friends. See a campus concert or performance.
Anna Tokarska ’98