Colton Plaia and Life in the Minors


Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’2”/225 lbs.
Drafted: Round 15 (2013, Mets)

2013 Brooklyn Cyclones (A)
2014 Savannah Sand Gnats (A)
2015 St. Lucie Mets (A)
2016 Binghamton Rumble Ponies (AA)
2017 Binghamton Rumble Ponies (AA)

What’s the big difference between college baseball and minor league baseball?
There is definitely more of a team aspect when it comes to the college game. You have one goal: get to Omaha for the College World Series and win a championship. When it comes to professional baseball, there’s always a desire to win. But the individual performance has a little bit more significance. Still, professional teams are looking for guys who can play well as a team. I don’t think anyone wants someone in the clubhouse who is so individually oriented that they don’t care about the team or about winning.

Are minor league players seen as role models in the community?
I would like to think so. We do a lot of work in the community and with schools. As long as we’re being positive role models, it’s an aspect I embrace.

Last season, the team let the fans pick the nickname by voting. Rumble Ponies won, but the other top choice was Stud Muffins. Which one were you hoping they’d pick?
Those two were the fan favorites, but I’m very happy with what they chose. Fans refer to this as Rumbletown, U.S.A.

What are rumble ponies, by the way?
I don’t quite know what a rumble pony is. I think I’d say it’s a baseball player. Ponies were selected because the city of Binghamton is the Carousel Capital of the World.

If Double-A is the farthest you advance in your career, what would you be proudest of?
Knowing that I didn’t hold anything back. If I get to a point when I’m no longer having fun or want to be out here, I hope I recognize that. I don’t see that happening, ever. I’m going to keep doing this as long as I can because this is a dream come true.