Dear LMU — Letters From Our Readers, Winter 2013

Thanks for the wonderful article “Road Marks” by Albert Koppes, O.Carm. (“Road Marks,” Spring 2012). We got acquainted all too briefly in 1965–67, when I was an associate pastor at Our Lady of Grace in Encino, Calif., and he was teaching at Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino. I’m glad to see that Father Koppes has accomplished so much over the years.
Tim Conn ’78
Auburn, Calif.

I graduated in 1984, and I remember Frank Sinatra appearing at Commencement. We chanted, “Sing! Sing! Sing!” I also remember Sinatra closing by saying, “I hope mine is the last voice you ever hear.” I was in grad school in counseling psych in ’86 and worked in the Learning Resource Center with athletes, including Billy Bean and Tim Layana. It was a great era. Thanks for sparking the memories!
Gloria Miele ’84, M.A. ’87
Camarillo, Calif.

I agree with Antonia Darder: It’s not a question of “either … or,” but one of how can we achieve “both … and” (“The Dilemma: Antonia Darder,” Spring 2012). What’s sometimes easily construed as a middle-class quandary really is something that weighs heavily on the minds of parents from underprivileged, marginalized communities. The East Los Angeles experience is one that I ponder almost daily in my principalship in South Los Angeles. I have no easy answers and wouldn’t presume to oversimplify the problems in education that “often reflect far greater social problems.”
Jonathan Sison Ed.D. ’09
Alhambra, Calif.

Prof. Alan Hogenauer is indeed a one- of-a-kind adventurer. I traveled with him in 2003 from LMU to the Panama Canal and back in his 1998 Toyota Corolla. From June 28 to Aug. 1, we drove 11,650 miles: down the east coast of Mexico to the canal, through Central America and up the west coast of Mexico to Los Angeles. We traveled from dawn to dusk, stopping at points of interest along the way. Dr. Hogenauer drove every inch of the way and never nodded off once. I now know more about Pancho Villa than I really ever wanted to know.
Jerry Gallard M.B.A. ’07
Los Angeles

Mr. Adachi is the best music teacher I’ve had at Serra High School. I learned a lot in his class, and my favorite part was learning the history of the different music genres.
Emerald Faletuipapai
Gardena, Calif.

That’s awesome — “LMU President Launches $100M Scholarship Initiative”. It’s my dream to go to LMU! Hopefully this financial aid will help me get there.
Christina Archambault

I NEED some of that! Thank you, President Burcham!
Mike Rose

Love to see my son, Matt, share in that largesse!
Walter G. Van Tine

Loved “Isaac Lamb’s Viral Marriage Proposal,” still do, never gets old. And Gina Morris became my own shining star with her amazing charisma and choreography.
Richard Cummins

I was like smiling the whole time watching this video!
Rodolfo Rabonza ’06, ’08

Thank you, LMU, for highlighting a lacrosse player! (“A Conversation with Johnny Gilbreath ’12,” Spring 2012). This lacrosse alumna (goalie, 1996-2000) remembers when our teams were second-class citizens despite more wins than men’s basketball. Both men’s and women’s lacrosse should be given full school support as intercollegiate teams and not just clubs.
Christiane Hoffman ’00

We love you, Johnny! Thanks for all you, Marc, Chase, Brad and all other LMU coaches have done for our boys, community and family! We [heart] lacrosse!
Heather Spackman Rowland

Wojciech’s recital video is awesome!! I wish I could have seen this live!
Tim Kelsey ’06

I love all of the photos in “The History in Photos”. I can’t just pick one.
Lourdes Perez ’06

Hmmm, who can date this: Parking on what will become Alumni Mall? Whelan Hall nor the Loyola Apts. exist. And Hughes can be seen below the Bluff.
Tom McGuire ’74

Cars were still parking on the mall area when I arrived at Loyola in 1971; shortly thereafter, it was closed to traffic. Exactly when that happened, I don’t remember.
Ron Cartlidge ’74