Dear LMU — Letters From Our Readers, Fall 2012

Congratulations, LMU!
For more than a century, LMU has been a place for dreamers. On this hilltop, men and women have dreamed of a great Catholic university where young people would sharpen their minds, deepen their sensitivities, nurture their imaginations and grow into God’s dreams for them. The recent and highly successful campaign helps LMU live up to this enormous potential. As someone who loves LMU, I am deeply grateful to everyone whose contributions to faculty, scholarships, programs and facilities, including the magnificent William H. Hannon Library, have made the campaign such a triumph. You’ve made dreams a reality.
Robert B. Lawton, S.J.
LMU President, 1999–2010

Ginni and I have been involved with LMU since we became alumni more than 40 years ago and made a commitment to give back. Shortly after graduating, we made our first gift of $10. We have been blessed with success and have had the opportunity to share this with LMU. We have seen the ripple effect of our generosity and know that LMU and its students are stronger because of our contributions. Father Lawton and President David W. Burcham have been strong leaders with the foresight to plan and complete a campaign that initially seemed daunting. We are proud to have been part of this historic effort.
R. Chad Dreier ’69
Emeritus Chair, Board of Trustees and Chair, Centennial Society
Ginni Dreier
LMU Trustee and Co-Chair, Women’s Leadership Council

Congratulations, LMU, on a successful campaign: More than $411 million raised, hundreds of scholarships created, five new campus buildings completed including the marvel that is the Hannon Library, and many more improvements planned. Having served proudly as a director on the Alumni Association Board for the past six years, I have witnessed unprecedented growth in alumni engagement. During this time, alumni donor participation has increased from 16 percent to 20 percent, second among WCC schools. Participation in events such as the Alumni Reunion weekend and Alumni BBQ has never been higher. There is clearly a sense of something special at LMU these days. And along with the rest of the alumni community, I am excited about the future as LMU begins the next hundred years. GO LIONS!
Marco Ruano ’81
Past President, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Congratulations to LMU for the successful completion of “Right Place. Right Time. The Campaign for LMU.” During the campaign, I had the good fortune of serving on the Board of Directors for LMU’s Alumni Association, and it was truly inspiring to watch our alumni come together in selfless support of our alma mater. As an alumnus, I truly appreciate LMU’s commitment to the continued improvement of the physical campus, the enhancement of the academic programs and the increased availability of scholarships. Because of these efforts, the luster of our degrees shines brighter with each passing year.
Anthony J. Napolitano ’97 LLS ’03,
Past President, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Congratulations on a remarkable campaign. LMU is a truly unique place that strives to inform — as well as to transform — its students. We cannot wait to see what the next century holds for LMU, and what LMU holds for the next century.
Stephanie Younger ’93
Kelly Younger ’94
LMU Professor of English

My wife, Meg Boyle Cain ’79, and I met at LMU, and our older son, Sean, graduated from LMU in 2009. For me, then, the opportunity to participate in the campaign was very personal. The campaign’s success fills me with confidence that LMU will continue, in even greater ways, to be the place of deeply meaningful Jesuit and Marymount education and personal development that it has been for my family and for so many others.
Pat Cain ’79
Parent ’09, LMU Regent