Dear LMU — Letters From Our Readers, Fall 2013


Doubting Greatness
Regarding Ronald Reagan’s inclusion in Gerald Derloshon’s article on greatness (My Take, Summer 2013): Ronald Reagan turned the United States from a creditor nation to a debtor nation by mindless military and political spending, a condition from which we show no signs of ever recovering. He pandered to corporate greed while undermining our manufacturing prowess. He was a McCarthy populist who saber rattled against the USSR while ignoring China, for which, again, we will pay a price of unknown scale.
Lance Mason ’69
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Bracket Madness Results
This feature article brought back wonderful memories of when I arrived at Loyola in 1953. It was the reverence of Sacred Heart Chapel (which had only recently been completed) and the tranquility of the bluff that instilled the uniqueness in Loyola University. The votes show that over these many years the Chapel and bluff remain the inspiration of the university.
Ron Silva ’56
Nokomis, Fla.

Yay for Beatles for Sam! It is an annual Beatles concert put on by faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends for our friend, Sam Wasson, who attended LMU and, sadly, passed away in a car accident in 2007. Every year on Oct. 23, we gather at Sam’s Corner (the corner of Foley between the pond and the Lair) to perform Beatles songs, tell stories and share love the way Sam would have. It’s a super-fun and entertaining event! Everyone is welcome, and it is always awesome!
Lauren Johansen ’08
Marina del Rey, Calif.

I’m really pleased that in my advanced age bracket, alumni from the ’50s, KXLU was the top vote-getter. Having spent a major share of my on-campus hours working in its basement studios, KXLU certainly was a big part of my student life — not to mention providing me with a really good basis for a long career in broadcasting. I guess the support KXLU got means that people were listening — and they remembered!
Leo McElroy ’53
Sacramento, Calif.


Women in Math
I have such positive memories of my freshman math class with Professor Jacqueline Dewar (“Women in the Math Place,” As a biology major, I admit that I found the thought of the required math courses intimidating. While the class was certainly challenging, having an extraordinary female math instructor and role model such as Dr. Dewar created a comfortable learning environment for a math-phobic student like me. I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have been in her class.
Barbara Lerma ’80
North Hollywood, Calif.

A Moving Memorial
What a beautifully moving article (“Memorializing Sacrifice,” about a person who truly makes a difference in this world. I am so proud to know that John Flaherty is part of the LMU staff. His words were poetry for my soul. I happened to be at the Phoenix airport during the service [for the deceased Arizona fire fighters], and I was so moved as I watched it unfold. One of the reporters noted that there was not a large number of people crying, which I think speaks volumes to the way that the service was created. It spoke to their souls completely without being just sentimental. May God continue to bless the work of Mr. Flaherty, and, of course, the firefighters and their families during this time of grief.
Monnica Peinado ’73
Bothell, Wash.

Mural Lessons
Professor Karen Mary Davalos (“The Lessons in Los Angeles’ Murals,” voices one of the most important reasons for art, especially public art — it empowers. It offers a voice sometimes not heard in the official narratives and histories. I’m glad my hometown, Los Angeles, encourages this work, and I’m especially glad that LMU Magazine offers a view of the murals and some reflection on them, to those of us who live away from L.A.
Joseph Ross ’80
Washington, D.C.

Murrieta Market
We live near the market in your story (“The Family Behind the Murrieta Market,” and can’t wait to go there now that I know there’s an LMU connection.
Patricia Beaton McGraw
Parent of current student
Temecula, Calif.

In the Summer 2013 issue (Vol. 3, No. 3),
a veteran with a tattoo in a photo on Page 20 was misidentified. He is Joshua O’Dell. In the same issue, the name of a mural artist in a caption on Page 30 was misspelled. The correct spelling is Eduardo Kobra. In a profile on page 45, the major of Gloria Calderón Kellett ’97 was misidentified; her major was communication arts. LMU Magazine regrets the errors.