Dear LMU — Letters From Our Readers, Summer 2017

I enjoyed David Ulin’s intriguing article, “Slow Down” (Winter 2016). It brought back memories of my matriculation at Loyola in the 1950s, when the Angelus took place at high noon. Everything came to a halt: automobiles, conversations, eating, walking, everything. For a minute or two, we had to stop and reflect on our being.
Mike Mang ’62
Laguna Beach, California

Nice job with the 3-point shootout (at! It was great to see the live competition … especially with Jeff Fryer, who was at LMU when I was.
Joe Trechter ’92
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The photo brings back so many fond Student Workers memories of The Hut! We gathered there half-asleep every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. before walking the campus to pick up trash. This ritual, called “C.T.” (for Campus Trash), was a great source of pride for SWs — and the reason why many of us (and now, our children) cannot walk by a piece of trash without picking it up. As a senior, I recall using The Hut as a quiet space (hard to come by while living with Student Workers) to be interviewed by phone for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest.
Kristi Gonsalves-McCabe ’93, M.A. ’98

BEST video message: “Fall in Love at LMU!” Not only a reminder of why we fell in love with LMU, but also, for some of us, a reminder of why we fell in love with the spouse we met at LMU (and married in Sacred Heart). Well done!
Stephen Benoit ’82, M.B.A. ’87
Kalamazoo, Michigan

This prayer is so beautiful! It so simply reminds us that what we love and give our attention to is our master. It’s a worthy thought for contemplation and self-reflection. Thanks to LMU for posting.
Kate Golden

What made me fall in love with LMU? Well, my granddaughter is a freshman and fourth-generation student. My father went there in 1930, my brother in ’69, I couldn’t go in ’58 (it was only for boys then), my daughter in ’85, my son in ’87. So glad we are still involved.
Christine Ver Halen Simon

To all who wonder what I mean when I talk about #JesuitEducated, here it is in less than one minute.
HD (@heatherdomingo)

Can you really find a more beautiful place to call home for 4 years? I mean, wow!
Tom Lloyd (@tlloydazcat)

In the February 2017 edition of LMU(update), the university’s electronic newsletter to alumni, we featured this photo and asked readers to submit the funniest caption they could devise. But first, the true story of the photo: Clinton Albertson, S.J. (left), a professor in the Department of English who also taught medieval art, and Frederick Hoffman (right) look over a student preparing lines for a 1966 Del Rey Players production of T.S. Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral,” which ran in Sacred Heart Chapel. Albertson, in fact, was rather an expert on cathedrals. He had a collection of some 20,000 slides from his many visits to cathedrals and monasteries in the United Kingdom. He passed away in 2007.

LMU Magazine’s Caption This! contest is conducted through the magazine’s LMU(update) electronic newsletter. If you are not receiving the email, sign up here.

“See, Your Excellency, you do have Bingo.”
Brett C. Hoover
Professor, Department of Theological Studies

“Rats! Just what I suspected. They said there’s a height requirement to becoming a Cardinal — and they don’t count the hat.”
Mike Sullivan ’88
Playa del Rey, California

“Now this one right here is a Pikachu. … He’s an electric Pokemon…”
Scott Guerrero
Head coach, LMU Track/Cross Country