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Charles Higgins

Charles Higgins teaches in the Department of Finance and Computer Information Systems in the College of Business Administration and has twice won Faculty Member of the Year awards. He is an investment practitioner and a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an academic honor society in the field of business. Higgins also has taught at Claremont Graduate School, the University of Redlands and Mount St. Mary’s College. Higgins’ research interests deal with the term structure of interest rates from mathematical and computational aspects of investing to the utilization of derivative instruments. He is also interested in linguistics and foreign languages, science, travel and railroading.



  1. The papers and files are, from top shelf to bottom, my notes for courses 325, 426, 608, 614 and 620.
  2. I’ve posted about 40 custom-made tutorials on finance and investing on YouTube. Last year, they received about 250,000 hits.
  3. This stack is what I’m working on now.
  4. My cat, whose name is: “In a world of ups and downs, and ins and outs, and homes in America with dogs, guinea pigs, and fish … comes THE KITTY. Now playing neighborhood-wide, this cat has not yet been rated.”
  5. I worked on the Los Angeles voter registration drive for the LBJ campaign. That’s my invitation to President Johnson’s January 1965 inauguration.
  6. I’ve received two faculty-member-of-the-year awards. That’s for 1994–95.
  7. That’s a list of slang terms for money in many foreign languages.
  8. When I was growing up, I could see a train yard every day near Elysian park. That’s a photo of it. The train yard isn’t there anymore.
  9. That’s my undergraduate diploma from USC. My Ph.D., in business, is from the Claremont Graduate University, 1985. I’m proud of that.
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