Dale Marini ’70, M.A. ’75

  1. The Packers mug is from Super Bowl I, played in 1967 in the Coliseum. I was a freshman here, and a bunch of us decided to go that morning. Tickets cost about $10, and there were thousands of empty seats.
  2. Staff Member of the Year Award is given for professional excellence and service to LMU. I received it this year.
  3. I’ve been the official scorer for men’s basketball for more than 40 years. Hank Gathers signed a magazine cover of himself for me. He wrote, “To Dale, Thanks for all the points you give me.”
  4. LMU’s 1986 College World Series baseball team signed the ball, including several who became pros — Billy Bean, Chris Donnels and Tim Layana.
  5. After we admitted a student from Hawaii, she addressed this coconut, wrote a thank you note on it and mailed it to me.
  6. Andy Zimmerman ’92 played volleyball here. One year, his family made fans, the kind you wave to cool yourself, with his photo on them. On the back, it says, “Andy Fan.” I thought that was a very clever idea.