Jamie Sanchez ’75, Head Coach, Women’s Tennis

  1. The United States Tennis Association app gives me information about tournament locations, draws and player results in all age groups.
  2. My 3-year-old daughter, Gabriella, thinks my iPad is hers. She found Tiny Death Star herself in the app store. The app has multiple levels of difficulty that she figures out. It’s amazing to watch her learn. Right now, it’s her favorite app.
  3. Drill Timer Pro has stopwatch capabilities that I use every day in practice. I set up drills and exercises for timed intervals — a 30-second drill, a 15-second rest, for example.
  4. Tennis Trakker Pro is a statistics app. I can track 10–15 aspects about my player during a match or in recruiting: accuracy and consistency of serve, or placement of point, for example.
  5. SloPro is a video app. It gives me the ability to record a player’s serve, serve return or foot technique and immediately play it back in slow motion. You can freeze an action or view it repeatedly.
  6. Sunday Lawn is like Pac-Man: You have to mow the lawn before someone catches up to you. I’m not sure it’s a stress-reliever.