LMU Jesuits

University life is made up of seasons, layers and layers of overlapping seasons. Commencement ends a four-year season we eagerly anticipate. Retirement, however, seems to arrive wrapped in a solemn grey mantle. When seasons end for members of LMU’s religious communities, wistfulness leaves a sharp pain. They often shape the community deeply and broadly. We celebrate, but with a tinge of sadness. Chris Yates ’16 devised “Emmaus: The Nature of the Way” to pay tribute to LMU Jesuits who were his mentors, spiritual directors and friends. Through Yate’s collaboration with photographer Robert Macaisa ’14, the book, published by Tsehai Publishers and The Marymount Institute Press, joins distinctive, often clever, photography to bring forth the personalities of the Jesuit community. Pictured here, Thomas P. Rausch, S.J., avid motorcyclist and T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology, retired this past spring.