Love Story: B. Kevin Brown ’08, M.A. ’11 and Megan McCabe

We’ve all probably wondered what theologians do when they date each other. Kevin Brown ’08, M.A. ’11 left his L.A. home to pursue a Ph.D. in systematic theology at Boston College. There he met his future wife-theologian, Megan McCabe. So, what did they do upon fatefully meeting? Nothing, for two-and-a-half years. “We were both preoccupied with our Ph.D.s,” Brown says. Megan already was two years into her program, and Kevin was determined to start his strongly.

Once they were formally introduced, their relationship grew. But they kept it quiet. “We didn’t necessarily want to be the talk of the department,” Brown recalls. Even his dissertation director never suspected.

Now openly, and sacramentally, a couple, Brown and McCabe have both completed their studies and teach at Gonzaga University. Sharing occupational turf hasn’t sparked much competitiveness, Brown says. But one argument in their household: In-n-Out vs. Shake Shack. Yet, even that may not divide them: They recently co-authored their first article. It went relatively peaceably, Brown says.