Wisconsin Votes

Wisconsin again was a battleground state in the 2022 mid-term elections. Matt Brusky ’92, who works on voters’ issues in Milwaukee, says his political science courses have served him well.

Tar on the Wall

Thirty years after dropping out, Nina Louise M.A. ’20 returned to the classroom. But books accompanied her all the way to her Ph.D. program in Hawaii.

Alone Together

Their relationship deepened so much while being apart that Jo Blankenship ’16 and Cassidy Brown ’21 wondered if it could survive while being together.

A Conversation With Jonas Mureika

Jonas Mureika studies quantum physics — matter and energy at the level of atoms an subatomic particles. We don’t yet understand it, but he and others are in search of the “Holy Grail of physics.” Mureika talks about his quest.

What He Carries

Eli Scott’s shoulders are big enough to carry a team. Seriously — look at his shoulders. You could build a small cabin on them.