Kevin Harter ’10


  • College of Business Administration, 2010
  • From Norwalk/Chino Hills
  • At LMU: was the first recipient of the Page Merit Scholarship; president, Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting
  • Studied abroad in LMU’s program in Bonn, Germany
  • CPA
  • Sr. Associate Auditor, KMPG, Los Angeles

Scholarship Benefit
“I had the [Stephen F. and Judy K.] Page Scholarship. I actually met them, too.
“When I first found out I was going to LMU, my family and I weren’t sure how we were going to pay for it. So it was very beneficial.
“Many of my family members had gone to LMU. They stressed how great it was, especially the accounting program. I wanted to go there, too.”

In the Wee Small Hours
“I was a radio DJ for KXLU for several years. I had the 2 to 6 a.m. shift. Everyone starts out with that shift. We got some crazy calls.
“They encouraged us to not play anything mainstream, and to focus on local bands. So I played a very eclectic mix, really obscure stuff. I can’t even remember what I played. I sought it out, though. I was passionate about new music, and I still am.”

Trunk Line
“I love exploring the unknown. I’ve always liked to have adventures, and I’ve gone to many places. I went to Thailand, where I rode elephants in the jungle. LMU gave me the confidence to travel in Europe, and that translated into confidence in traveling throughout the world. Study Abroad really opened my mind to try things. And so I developed it into my hobby.”

Blue Sky Approach
“I love the outdoors. Biking, hiking, tennis, cooking. Checking out new restaurants. Kayaking. Rock climbing over the ocean — that’s called deep-water soloing. In Costa Rica I did a lot of zip-lining. Any type of activity or challenge is really fun and enjoyable.”
“My coworker from New Zealand is a snowboarder. He jumps out of helicopters, but I’m not there … yet!

“Getting my CPA pretty much right after I graduated from LMU was a really proud moment. My accounting classes really prepared me. I had the same professors as my brother and cousins did ten or 12 years before me. It just shows how dedicated the professors were, and how much they believed in the LMU accounting program.
“LMU prepared me extremely well, both in academics and in my social life.”

On Fire
“My favorite place on campus has to be the new [William H. Hannon] library. I was fortunate to see that finished in my senior year.
“It’s a beautiful building, right on the bluff with great exterior views.
“It’s very conducive studying, especially with the fireplace. I used to cram with my fellow students in front of it.”

Still Life
“My favorite object would have to be my camera. I take it wherever I go, either on weekends or my longer travels.
“I try to take photos of things I have never seen before. I want to capture those special moments.”