Traditions: The Birthday Dunk in Foley Pond

You’re studying in your room, just you and your 300-page economics text. It’s quiet, too quiet. Then, things don’t feel right. Suddenly, there’s a roar, like a hurricane or an ocean wave. No, 13 of your closest friends are storming your room! Next, you are swept off your feet and carried away to Foley Pond.

On the way, you hear them singing “Happy Birthday.” They’re singing badly — why do you even notice that? You’re wiggling, kicking and threatening revenge. Then you notice that you don’t even recognize some of these people. Before you know it, you’re at the edge of the pond. The current whereabouts of your cell phone and wallet suddenly crosses your mind. Then, it’s “One! Two! Three!” And lots of cold water.

Being thrown into Foley Pond is a rite of passage. For your friends, it’s definitely a win-win: They simultaneously celebrate you and publicly humiliate you. For you, you know you’re a Lion.