The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary strengthened their 44-year legacy of social justice and gospel values by funding three new programs during LMU’s campaign.


In 1968, members of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary demonstrated their commitment to social justice by standing with the farm workers of California, bringing bread to Cesar Chavez as he ended his 25-day Fast for Nonviolence.
For the Future

There no longer are Marymount sisters in LMU classrooms or the administration, but the commitment to carry forward the integral mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary on the bluff continues.

“The R.S.H.M. legacy includes the development of the whole person, the integration of the heart and spirit with the mind and imagination, faith formation for an ecumenical world, leadership formation, internationality and the work for justice,” said Mary Genino, R.S.H.M.

“The legacy brings a belief in the ability of women to transform our world, revealing God’s glory, promoting unity in fractured worlds so that all may have life.”

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“These programs provide an avenue for the continued collaboration of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary with the Board of Trustees, Jesuits and Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange,” said Mary Genino, R.S.H.M., provincial superior of the Western American Province of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and LMU Trustee. “They open avenues to explore a spirituality that can lead to a deeper interior life and also a response to the needs of the people of God.”

The R.S.H.M. Gailhac Pastoral Leadership Scholarship, named for Father Jean Gailhac, founder of the Marymount order, is for a graduate student in LMU’s theology/pastoral ministry program and emphasizes lay professionals.

The R.S.H.M. Social Justice Scholarship, reflecting the R.S.H.M. legacy of diversity and serving the underserved, will be awarded to an undocumented student to continue his or her education at LMU.

The Sr. Mary Milligan, R.S.H.M. Endowed Lecture Series in Spirituality is envisioned to carry national prominence. At LMU, Sister Mary taught Hebrew Scripture and New Testament, was provost for three years and dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts for five years, and served on the Board of Trustees.

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