June 29, 2016

Sister Peg

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Sister Peg is/was the most beautiful human being that has ever existed on this planet. I miss her every day of my life. She was in my life as a saint and also in my children’s lives as a friend.
Kathy Moret ’73

Sister Peg was my spiritual director in the ’80s. What a tremendous gift she was. One of the best prayers she taught me was to say “yes” and “thank you” to God whatever the circumstances, whatever the issue. There must have been a great party in heaven when she arrived!
Michele (MacAller) McCurdy ’84

I was lucky enough to know Sister Peg while I was a student at LMU, and, for a year, as a colleague. It is amazing how often I think of her and the wisdom she shared with me and so many others.
Kevin Brown ’08, M.A. ’11

Graceful presence of God’s love. I was an R.A. when she was a dorm counselor in the long-gone Loyola Apartments in 1980–81.
David Takeuchi ’81

Sister Peg’s encouragement is the reason that Marymount 1958 alums participate so fully in LMU reunions. Personally, when visiting her upon the death of my mother, I won’t forget her reminding me that I would always find a home at LMU.
Therese (Bruneau) Martin ’58

My dear Sister Peg! A calm, sweet, sensitive soul who made me question how I got so lucky to experience true faith and love on earth. She touched so many of our lives.
Ana Patricia (Téllez) McKey ’03

Who knew one woman could have such an impact! I have many Sister Peg memories but my fondest are her blessing my pregnant belly and then holding
my baby girl so delicately in her arms a few months later. I have that photo of the two of them, and I’m so glad that I do. I think she passed some of her giving spirit to my daughter on that day! Love and miss you so much, Sister Peg!
Gena Arriola-Salas ’98

I remember moving into McCarthy a couple weeks early and being greeted by Sister Peg, who was living across the hall. After speaking with my parents, she learned that they had yet to book a hotel room for the few days they would be staying. The next thing we see is Sister Peg buried under sheets, blankets and pillows insisting that she would make my neighboring dorm room better than any hotel they could find!
Amanda (Phillips) Atkins ’03