What can I do to improve my chances of getting a job?

“I’m in the middle of my senior year, and I’d like to know what I can do in the next six months to improve my chances of getting a job?”—Alexandra Fordham ’15

Make sure that you have a LinkedIn profile that is updated with your skills and qualifications. Join all Facebook groups that relate to jobs within your target area. Research and reach out to recruitment firms that deal with your industry/profession. Ramy Zaki ’01

The LMU Career Development Services office can provide job search advice, help with résumé writing and more. LionJobs has internship and job opportunities. Begin applying for full-time jobs now before you graduate. If you hear no a lot, re-center yourself and go to the career center for help. Remember, you have resources in the alumni. We are here to help. Nicole Rodriguez ’03

Get out of your comfort zone. Build your network with classmates who have vastly different skill sets, even after you land a job — it will pay off when you look for your next job. Don’t be discouraged. It is tough out there, but not impossible. Dan Cooke ’04

Apply for a winter internship at a media outlet in L.A. where you might be interested in working after graduation. Joelle Zarcone ’08

Look at your job search as an additional class, not as something you do in your free time. Familiarize yourself with career services at LMU and beyond. Renee Florsheim Law ’99