Word of Mouth

To celebrate the centennial of Loyola Marymount University, we have begun to compile an oral history — the stories of LMU as remembered and told by some of the most revered members of the community.

LMU’s Oral History Project gathers recollections spanning seven decades that describe how global and national events changed life on campus, from World War II and the Vietnam War to struggles with race issues from the ’60s to the ’90s. And there are stories of LMU life: the achievements of athletes on and off the field, the merger of Loyola and Marymount, and the changes to the campus through additions such as University Hall and William H. Hannon Library.

LMU’s oral histories are like conversations taking place through time, and like a conversation with an old friend, they touch on and name hundreds of people who have contributed to LMU. You’ll find many people whose name you recognize, some you attended class with, and maybe a few with whom you shared a room.

If you could have a conversation with anyone in LMU’s history, living or dead, famous or quietly influential, who would it be? What would you say? A simple “Thank you” to an unforgettable professor? Or “You’re right — that paper I wrote deserved a B, not an A.” What would you ask? “Would you explain relativity again, please?” or “Where’s that shirt you borrowed from me in 1962?” Tell us, and tell your friends, by submitting your comment below.