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“Shoot That Rat!” Gets Shot

Mikael Kreuzriegler, assistant professor at SFTV, filmed a live-action, feature-length movie on campus in June. It took 10 days to shoot with his students. He’s hoping the finished work makes the cut at upcoming film festivals.

The Road From Flames to Freedom

Four African American men who helped change U.S. history and who live in Los Angeles testified about their experiences in the Civil Rights movement at a documentary screening on campus this past week: Robert Farrell, Michael Grubbs, Claude Liggins and…

Seasonal Change

During the past few weeks, I’ve become enamored with the films of Yasujiro Ozu, a Japanese filmmaker. He made seminal movies about post-World War II Japan, including “Late Spring” and “Early Summer,” two I’ve seen recently. I’m attracted to his…

“Bearing Witness: Daniel Heyman”

When painter Daniel Heyman heard the stories of people who have suffered from war and other dire experiences, he decided his portraits were incomplete without his subjects’ words.

“A Live Wire”

In 1929, “talkies” were the newest innovation in film. And to promote a fundraising campaign at Loyola University, Fox studios produced a trailer in the new Movietone sound technology. Watch as two stars of the era chat about a vaudeville show to benefit Loyola that would feature some of the great entertainers of the day.