Joe Wakelee-Lynch

Joe Wakelee-Lynch

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Textbook Ethics

If you found your father’s 1929 Jesuit college textbook titled “Special Ethics” with his handwritten notes inside, would you recognize the man who raised you?

A Conversation With Jonas Mureika

Jonas Mureika studies quantum physics — matter and energy at the level of atoms an subatomic particles. We don’t yet understand it, but he and others are in search of the “Holy Grail of physics.” Mureika talks about his quest.

It’s a Trek

Star Trek’s science fiction universe always has been a commentary on the present as much as a vision of the future. Mikayla Gingrey ’21, a Star Trek devotee and an intern with CBS Studios, ranks her 10 most important Star Trek characters.

June Colors

Los Angeles writer Lynell George ’84 reflects on the work of L.A. painter June Edmonds, whose work is showing at the LMU Laband Art Gallery.

Mullet Mania

Mullets are both revered and reviled in the U.S. But they’re big in Australia, the homeland of men’s basketball standout Keli Leaupepe. His, in fact, is famous. Here’s your guide to choosing a mullet that fits you best.