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Joe Wakelee-Lynch

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The Case of the Mysterious Gift

The black phone on my desk rang. I picked it up. “Is this Joe Wakelee-Lynch, editor of LMU Magazine?” a man asked. “I have something for you.” His voice sounded urgent. Maybe too urgent. An editor gets used to the…

A Jesuit’s Jesuit Guide

I’ve been reading the new book about Ignatian spirituality called “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life.” It’s by James Martin, S.J. Perhaps you’ve come across him or the very effective publicity campaign that’s getting him…

“A Live Wire”

In 1929, “talkies” were the newest innovation in film. To promote a fundraising campaign at Loyola University, President Joseph Sullivan, S.J., and Fox studios produced a trailer featuring Buddy Rogers and Mary Brian, two of the era’s biggest stars.

Small Steps to Big Change

Welcome to the new LMU Magazine website. For the past year, we’ve conducted a lengthy review and redesign of Vistas magazine, Vistas Online and LMU’s monthly alumni e-newsletter. We took into account the opinions of LMU’s many constituencies: alumni, university…