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The Interreligious Imperative

In a radio address given in September 1962 shortly before the Second Vatican Council opened, Pope John XXIII expressed the hope that the council would present the Church as “the Church of all, and especially of the poor.”

Follow Your Curiosity

When Rebecca Skloot spoke to students about her college experiences, she summed up her advice in two words: “Wait! What?” Pay attention to what makes you curious, she said, because acting on it can change your life. Skloot came to…

Traditions: The Birthday Dunk in Foley Pond

You’re studying in your room, just you and your 300-page economics text. It’s quiet, too quiet. Then, things don’t feel right. Suddenly, there’s a roar, like a hurricane or an ocean wave. No, 13 of your closest friends are storming…

Paul Picerni ’50

We all get the same 24 hours a day, but what actor Paul Picerni managed to do with his across six decades in Hollywood is remarkable. Raising eight children with Marie, his wife of 63 years, Picerni, now 87, played…

Civil War Chest, Special Collections

The chest is leather-bound and rust-colored. The leather pulls away from the metal frame in places and frays in others. The chest’s dimensions are 15 in. x 21 in. x 14 in. It has a metal hasp and buckles, which once helped keep it locked. Union Army markings identify it as a Civil War container.

My Take: Sharpened Tongues

An expatriate reflects on the language of politics back home. In my late 20s, I fell in love with a Canadian and moved to another country — something life-altering that was both safe and slightly exotic. Canada, exotic? I’d never…