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Textbook Ethics

If you found your father’s 1929 Jesuit college textbook titled “Special Ethics” with his handwritten notes inside, would you recognize the man who raised you?


The United States appears increasingly engaged in internal political warfare. Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch asks, “What is the cost of joining the battle?”

Election Fever

Election 2020 occurs in a year that seems without parallel. (Take a look at special election coverage from LMU Magazine.) But when voters went to the polls in the presidential election of 1968, they cast ballots in a year of…

Kids’ Hopes

Some of the most eloquent voices heard in the aftermath of mass shootings are those of high school students. Their determination to make the political system respond is a sign of hope.

Vain and Unfulfilled Hope

For most of my adult life, I’ve worked on magazines — three in higher education, a lifestyle magazine focused on diabetes, and a religious social justice monthly. From the very first issue that came off a press with my name…

Street Signs

Crosswalks can be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you should stay out of them. Metaphorical ones, too. The intersection where faith crashes into knowledge, where creativity clashes with order, is sometimes filled with light. Cross at the light.