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Joseph Wakelee-Lynch

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

December 8, 2010
I will bet that almost all editors agree that the stories behind the stories are often the best stories of all. If you think you’d love to be on a bar stool next to the surgeons who are slicing up their day over a beer, then eavesdrop some time on an editors’ conference. Well, that sounds like fun to me, at least. One of the most fun pieces we put together for the fall 2010 issue of LMU Magazine is a video. To complement the Traditions story, we filmed a birthday dunking. Forgive me for shattering anyone’s illusion, but we planned that video. To capture a dunking spontaneously would’ve required staking out Foley Pond every evening for a few weeks. Thanks to sophomore Michael Fullem, who graciously agreed to get tossed. Instead of boring you with my long-winded narration of the project from concept to splash, I’d rather direct you to the behind-the-scenes story from Remy Noelle Smith. Remy is a budding filmmaker who is doing some very nice work in video based on her sound ideas and great sense of humor. She is the 10-year-old daughter of Maureen Pacino ’93, the LMU Magazine art director. Remy generously agreed to stay up past her bedtime to record the action and give it some narration. I was there, and I can tell you Remy captured the unpredictable combination of planned shots and improvised fixes, and the fun, as we immortalized a great LMU tradition. You can see her video below. Thanks, Remy, for documenting our work.