The Seven Deadly Sins by Stephanie Argueta ’11

If gluttony, lust, sloth, pride, envy, greed and anger — the Seven Deadly Sins — were not so harmful, we’d appreciate them as fertile ground for artists. Dante imagined them in “Purgatorio,” and George Balanchine choreographed them in a 1933 ballet, “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Faced with a senior project to complete, Stephanie Argueta ’11, who majored in studio arts in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, painted the vices in a contemporary, not classical, context. Argueta studied with Father Michael Tang, professor of art and art history, who admires her work. “She didn’t use any photos for reference. She did them out of her imagination.” Argueta’s “Seven Deadly Sins” can be seen in the basement of the Conrad Hilton Center for Business.