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Name, image and likeness deals are injecting a new infusion of money into college athletics, with some athletes at top D 1 institutions looking at income streams of $25,000 to $30,000. How will the NIL years shape mid-majors like LMU?

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Shelves of Selves

To Lynell George ’84, every book on her shelves is a window into who she was, is and will become. How to live when a treasured one goes missing?

Carve a Turkey

Carving the family Thanksgiving turkey is no amateur’s task. So, we went to an expert for advice: Amy Caton Polverini ’04, a surgeon with professional scalpel skills.

Big City Oil

Oil used to be big in Los Angeles. In fact, it still is, and the industry’s impact on the region’s populations is far from equitable.


When the COVID-19 epidemic came to Yolo County, the disconnection between farmworkers and local government became its own health threat. Antonio De Loera-Brust ’17 describes what he witnessed.

A Well-Aimed Rock

Blake Pickens MBA ’19, a Chickasaw film producer and stand-up comedian, uses film and jokes to change people’s minds about Native Americans and people in poverty.

The Full Story

LMU’s Inclusive History and Image Project will fill out the university’s past and shape its future.

Up in Arms

Evan Gerstmann, who teaches constitutional law, explains the origins of the Second Amendment and how its intent has been interpreted over time.

Textbook Ethics

If you found your father’s 1929 Jesuit college textbook titled “Special Ethics” with his handwritten notes inside, would you recognize the man who raised you?

Wisconsin Votes

Wisconsin again was a battleground state in the 2022 mid-term elections. Matt Brusky ’92, who works on voters’ issues in Milwaukee, says his political science courses have served him well.

To Forgive Or Not

Perhaps no one has told a more moving tale of sin, forgiveness and absolution than the great “Catholic agnostic” novelist, Graham Greene. James T. Keane ’96 looks at the mystery of absolution.

Title IX at 50

Title IX changed the landscape of university athletics. LMU women who have played, coached or worked in sports administration tell us how a federal civil rights law has shaped their lives.

The Kicks

Sneakers, for some of us, are an identity statement. Exclusive one are collectors’ items. To London James ’13, they are wondrous works of ceramic art.

Tar on the Wall

Thirty years after dropping out, Nina Louise M.A. ’20 returned to the classroom. But books accompanied her all the way to her Ph.D. program in Hawaii.

Alone Together

Their relationship deepened so much while being apart that Jo Blankenship ’16 and Cassidy Brown ’21 wondered if it could survive while being together.

A Conversation With Jonas Mureika

Jonas Mureika studies quantum physics — matter and energy at the level of atoms an subatomic particles. We don’t yet understand it, but he and others are in search of the “Holy Grail of physics.” Mureika talks about his quest.

The WCC Roadmap

Here’s your guide to the WCC opponents who will go head-to-head for conference honors with this season’s men’s basketball team.


Name, image and likeness issues — and the money and deals involved — may reshuffle college athletics as thoroughly as Title IX. Here’s a look at a new competitive landscape.

Beyond the Bluff

The LMU leadership team, including President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., is going on the road to bring alumni, parents, friends and donors across the country into closer dialogue with the university.

Dispatches Fall 2022

It’s the stuff of life — our alumni keep us all up to date with news, developments, work, achievements, accomplishments and more.