Summer 2021


Crowning Achievement

For her senior capstone project, Stephanie Bell ’20 made a documentary film about Black women and the race-based discrimination they face for wearing their hair in natural hairstyles. The film, “Defending Our Crowns,” has brought increased attention to the issue and won awards while doing so.

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Amped Up

An executive producer with the Obamas’ Higher Ground Audio amplifies voices and stories that are too rarely heard. An interview with Mukta Mohan ’14.

Cougar Town

Native mountain lions risk their lives to cross the U.S. 101 freeway. A wildlife crossing, in the form of a bridge, could save them.

Western Waters

The watering holes of the Western U.S. have saved many a summer for vacationers needing to cool down. Check out the favorite western water sites of Chris Liedle ’12, outdoor photographer.

Stage Rights

In 1963, James Baldwin masterminded a tense nighttime meeting with Robert F. Kennedy to break down the Kennedy administration’s reluctance to act on civil rights. Baldwin’s summit changed RFK forever after.

Black and White

George C. Fatheree III, who teaches at the LMU Loyola Law School, helped close a deal involving photographic images that document much of Black American history in the 20th century.

Court Extension

With President Joe Biden being urged to take steps to expand the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, FDR’s attempt in 1937 may offer valuable lessons.

The Bones of St. Peter

James T. Keane ’96, an editor at America magazine, recalls a trip he led with a group of students to the catacombs of the Church of San Silvestro in Capite in Rome.

Our Lady of the Qur’an

For students in Amir Hussain’s Intro to Islam course, nothing is more surprising than learning of Islam’s esteem for Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Press Forward

Journalism, already under siege, has been emaciated by the pandemic, but two young alumni are adapting to the field’s post-COVID-19 future.

Holding Back Kids

Redshirting, a common practice in Div 1 athletics, is now being practiced by parents of young athletes in the eighth grade to improve — so they hope — their child’s prospects for future athletic success.

Coastal View

May Knight Rindge (1864–1941) fought with ferocious determination a railroad and the State of California while resisting the development of her Malibu property.


Music brought Alyssa Cosindas ’04 and Chris Jahnke ’02 together. Years later, they’re still singing the same melody.