Winter 2017


Time Out

Pushing your child to master one and only one sport from an early age — sports specialization — could be a game she or he ends up losing.

Street Signs

Crosswalks can be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you should stay out of them. Metaphorical ones, too. The intersection where faith crashes into knowledge, where creativity clashes with order, is sometimes filled with light. Cross at the light.

Trench Art

In the long, empty hours between the horrific battles of World War I, soldiers sometimes turned their attention to making works of art, now known, and valued, as trench art.

Heroes and Villains

Joe August been an avid gamer for almost as long as he can remember, and he works in the field now. We asked him to tell us about his favorite video game good guys and bad guys.

A Conversation with Maximiliano Isi ’14

Maximiliano Isi ’14 works on one of the teams of scientists that first detected gravitational waves in September 2015. When those same teams detected the collision of two neutron stars this past October, they documented an event that could change much of what we know about the workings of the universe. Isi was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

Origins: Petr Herman ’18

That Petr Herman’s journey has brought him from a small town in the Central Bohemia region of the Czech Republic to the megacity of Los Angeles should surprise no one. From a young age, he knew he wanted a life lived internationally and that basketball would be his vehicle.

“A Live Wire”

In 1929, “talkies” were the newest innovation in film. And to promote a fundraising campaign at Loyola University, Fox studios produced a trailer in the new Movietone sound technology. Watch as two stars of the era chat about a vaudeville show to benefit Loyola that would feature some of the great entertainers of the day.