Assigned Reading

Susan Barber

Susan Barber is an associate professor of film studies in the School of Film and Television whose expertise is in Australian and American films. She is finishing “Visions of Australia,” a book on the Australian Film Revival from 1970 to the present. Barber also is working on a project exploring the depiction of fathers and daughters in Australian films of the 1990s.

Dean Scheibel

Dean Scheibel is professor in the Communication Studies Department and director of Interdisciplinary Applied Programs, both in the College of Communication and Fine Arts. His research interests include the organization of sororities, rock bands, roller derby, surfing and graffiti. He is currently working on graphic novels and plays guitar in the Back Pages rock band. These are some of the books he’s been reading lately. Scheibel gave us six titles, but there was room in LMU Magazine only for the first four below. The other two are included here.—The Editor