Ginni Rometty’s Path of Preparation

Ginni Rometty started working at IBM in 1981. When she retired in 2020, she did so as the company’s CEO — still a rare career path for a woman with executive abilities and aspirations. Here she talks about women’s leadership, economic anxiety and the economic imperative of diversity.

The Robin’s View

Richard Robin, S.J., stepped into his first job on campus in 1969. This year he is celebrating his retirement. Robin likes to say he always looks forward. But he has agreed to take this brief look back.

A Conversation with Justin Levitt

Election deniers now chair crucial committees in the U.S. House of Representatives. Justin Levitt, an expert in election law who has worked in the White House and the Department of Justice, discusses the future of election integrity.

A Conversation With Jonas Mureika

Jonas Mureika studies quantum physics — matter and energy at the level of atoms an subatomic particles. We don’t yet understand it, but he and others are in search of the “Holy Grail of physics.” Mureika talks about his quest.