This Is Chris

Chris Sullivan ’02 talks about his role in NBC’s “This Is Us,” a show that strikes tones of honesty, vulnerability and human connection.

Saved By Comedy

David Mirkin ’78, writer, director and producer of hit TV show “The Simpsons,” talks about smart, dark and twisted comedy and his career, from L.A.’s stand-up clubs to “The Simpsons Movie.”

A Conversation With Ralph Eurich Patacsil ’18

Studio Arts major Ralph Eurich Patacsil painted a Nativity scene, titled “Puengen Yu’us (Night of God),” for his final project in his theology course Meeting Christ in Faith and Art. Born and raised in Guam, Patacsil decided to bridge the cultural legacies of his native land’s Spanish colonial past and the island’s indigenous Chamorro people.

A Conversation with Maximiliano Isi ’14

Maximiliano Isi ’14 works on one of the teams of scientists that first detected gravitational waves in September 2015. When those same teams detected the collision of two neutron stars this past October, they documented an event that could change much of what we know about the workings of the universe. Isi was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

A Conversation with David W. Stewart

David W. Stewart is President’s Professor of Marketing and Business Law in the Department of Marketing and Business Law in the College of Business Administration. We spoke with him about research into the differences between how men and women shop for food. He was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

The Careers of Dwayne Hickman ’56

Young Dwayne Hickman was a TV fixture in the 1950s and early ’60s. As a student at Loyola University, he had a supporting role in the smash hit “The Bob Cummings Show” and, after college, the lead — Dobie — in the groundbreaking comedy “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” Hickman has enjoyed a full career in acting and directing, and another as a painter, which he pursues today. See his artwork here. We spoke to Hickman about his acting career, his friendship on- and off-camera with Bob Denver ’57, and his art work. He was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.