Nest Egg

If one imagines a five-point scale to rank the most interesting creature found in nature, hummingbirds might score a straight 5.0. Their color, speed, maneuverability, sound — the thrum of small wings beating faster than the human eye can distinguish — and metabolism are all utterly fascinating characteristics. Student researchers share the same curiosity, and they’re in the middle of a study of the metabolism of female nesting hummingbirds on campus.


“Forget about the other six, says Pride. They’re only using you.” —Dana Gioia, “The Seven Deadly Sins” It set the course of early Californians, fortune seekers and land stealers, leading them to find their way here for centuries to enjoy…


I was recently sorting through old files and came across a letter my father had written while I was away on a weeklong retreat in high school. Complimenting my tolerance of some of the craziness in our family, he wrote,…


Lynell George ’84, journalist and essayist, collects people’s stories as part of her job. Ambition is one thing, but lately, she says, she’s been hearing a lot of envy, a form of myopia that causes blindness. Read her diagnosis here.

Virtue Reality

If the question “Why am I here?” is the most foundational question humans ask themselves, then “What is sin?” must be second. The Seven Deadly Sins have been with us for centuries. Their guise may change, but their appeal never weakens. Here we examine the Seven Deadly Sins — they’re still with us, as deadly as ever.