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Fine China

If ever foreign news bureaus were useful, they surely are now when it comes to China. On almost every front, the Middle Kingdom is asserting itself on issues ranging from building bases in the South China Sea, to organizing international trade pacts, targeting Taiwan’s status as an international actor, and moving forward in technology innovation. China even aims to catch up to world soccer. We asked journalist John Corrigan ’77 to give us an eyewitness account of life in China’s capital, Beijing. Here’s his report.

New Orleans

Beth (Van Brussel) Calkins ’02, former LMU admission officer, now lives in New Orleans. New Orleans is quite a city. Its people are resilient. The sense of community here is comforting; it almost reminds me of life on the bluff, though I do miss that Pacific breeze.


Jayson Chun says that six years after his LMU graduation he felt a call to return “home to the islands,” to Hawaii.

Letter From Tokyo

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” (“For the greater glory of God”) still resonates some 43 years after graduating from LMU and living overseas since 1981 in Japan, where Jesuit St. Francis Xavier spread the Word of God.