Dorota Shortell ’98

Dorota Shortell ’98 earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is president of Simplexity, a product design firm based in San Diego.

James Stahl ’65

James Stahl ’65 spent almost four decades working at the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, ending his career there as chief engineer and general manager.

Kevin Shinnick ’91

“It never crossed my mind to get on the [escort] boat,” says Kevin Shinnick ’91. Back in September 2013, the California local swam for 18 and a half hours across the English Channel, beginning at Dover, England, and ending in…

American Originals

Pat Ganahl ’69, M.A. ’73 hunts down, builds, restores and writes about hot rods. He drove in on classic wheels when he arrived on campus in 1965, and he’s been devoted to roadsters ever since.

Steven Hilton

A member of the LMU Board of Trustees from 1993–98, Steven Hilton has been the president, then CEO and now chairman of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation since 1998.

Mike Ricci ’59

Mike Ricci first arrived at Loyola (before the merger with Marymount College) after hitching a ride from the Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas. “I’ll always look back at those years in time as a really great beginning,” Ricci says.

Kelly Sorensen M.B.A ’03

Kelly Sorensen’s passion for hockey goes way beyond a typical fan’s love of the game, even beyond the enthusiasm you’d expect from a former pro player. For Sorensen, hockey is a constant, a star to steer by.

Bill Campbell ’65

When Bill Campbell was 16 years old, his aunt told him something that remained with him for the rest of his life: “Sometime in your career you must give back to your community.”

Chad Zdenek ’97

A Porta-Potty jacked up on sugar rockets flies 100 feet into the desert air. A hydro-jet pack fashioned from fire hoses lifts a man out of a lake. That’s the stuff of “It’s Effin’ Science,” a G4 cable network TV series co-hosted by Chad Zdenek.