The Giveback

Robert Gross ’77

Gross understands that he was fortunate that his parents saw the value of his going to college. That’s why he has set up a scholarship at LMU for mechanical engineering students who are the first in their families to pursue a college degree.

Boot Camp for Scientists

As a Loyola engineering graduate and a longtime member of LMU’s Board of Regents, Tom Hynes ’59 has attended his fair share of commencement exercises, but next year will be the graduation of the first cohort of the ACCESS program that Hynes and his wife, Marlene, support financially.

Writer for Life

By the time she finished fourth grade, Meg Grant ’81 had decided that she would spend her life writing. “I’m one of those weird and maybe fortunate people,” Grant says, “who knew what I wanted to be when I was very young.”

The Gift is the Experience

Scholarships helped Frank Amato pay for college. “I got help from the university, and I even borrowed money. I feel indebted to the university. Not only did it give me the best education in the world, but it prepared me for life.”