James L. Brooks

James L. Brooks, winner of Emmy Awards and Academy Awards, described the cast of people in his life who have helped him achieve success when he spoke to students in SFTV’s Mayer Theater in October.

Tony Menendez, Whistleblower

David rarely fights Goliath and lives to tell about it. Tony Menendez, a lone accountant in a global enterprise, did just that after a nine-year battle, and he told his tale when he visited campus Sept. 29.

World Limit

The Jesuit contribution to the sciences can be gauged by 35 Moon craters named for scientists and mathematicians of the Society of Jesus.

Joe Randazzo and Dan Mirk, From The Onion

Two humorists came to the LMU campus to deliver a lecture using risqué language, shocking images and jokes. That may sound like an exercise in tasteless humor, and some of it was. But more important, theirs was a primer on the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Anthony Kennedy, one of the most important jurists in the United States as associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court — and often that body’s “swing” vote — gave a keynote address at the dedication of the Loyola Law School’s new Alarcón Advocacy Center Sept. 28.