A New Plan for the Life Sciences


Today’s science education requires modern laboratories, as well as collaborative research and learning facilities that provide contemporary technological capabilities and encourage interdisciplinary research.

That’s why the “Right Place. Right Time. The Campaign for LMU” is focused on raising $75 million for a new Life Sciences Building at Loyola Marymount University.

A new Life Sciences Building will enhance science education for all undergraduates, especially those studying biology, chemistry and biochemistry, and natural science. By providing more research space, students will work more closely with professors on leading-edge topics ranging from Alzheimer’s research to the Ballona Wetlands ecology.

“The idea of having a new building is amazing,” said senior biology major Steven Speicher. “It will inspire people to try creative things and to do some great research and really grow as scientists. And that’s what being a biology major is all about.”

The university has identified about half of the funds needed, and construction will begin sometime after the LMU Master Plan is approved.

To support the new Life Sciences Building in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, contact Lynn Witherspoon at 310.338.7856; lwitherspoon@lmu.edu. To watch a video about the Seaver College, click here.