January 10, 2024

“Anima Mundi” Marks Merger

By Joseph Wakelee-Lynch

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For three nights this past December, the façade of Sacred Heart Chapel became a massive video screen. Projected onto the chapel was an original multimedia presentation — “Anima Mundi/Soul of the World” — celebrating the 50th anniversary of the merger of Loyola University and Marymount College. The stunning visual work was created by Jose García Moreno, director of the LMU Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination and special assistant to the provost.

Moreno said his work was intended to celebrate the collaboration of LMU’s three sponsoring religious communities, along with honoring the Tongva and Mexican heritages of Southern California. He used the Sacred Heart Chapel façade, he said, to project a multimedia event that relates the animation medium with technology, art, ministry, and mission.

The presentation was accompanied by original music composed by LMU President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., with a choir directed by John Flaherty, interim director of Choral Activities.

“For me, as an animator and a storyteller, it is a labor of love,” Moreno said.

Watch a video of the full presentation of “Anima Mundi” at magazine.lmu.edu.