BBQ Chalkboard: Where Are You Now?


When the LMU Magazine staff put our minds to devising an activity for our booth at the 61st Annual LMU Alumni BBQ this past September, we were stumped. We had cool giveaways — LMU Magazine beanies, baseball caps and t-shirts — but nothing fun to do. Then it came to us: a big chalkboard that alumni could write on.

What question could everyone answer? “Where are you now?” Your answers were inspiring, funny and honest. Some favorites were:

“NASA-JPL: sending stuff to Mars”

“Funemployment — PS: Hire me!”

“Suing slumlords”

“Living the Jesuit principles I learned here”

The chalkboard — 14 feet by 8 feet — became a meeting place. People lingered, reading it for minutes at a time. They brought friends back to the board to show off their comments. Countless selfies were taken. By day’s end, the chalkboard was filled. We took photos to preserve the community art project that was created. Take a look at the above video.
—The Editor