Julie Wilhoit, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

1. I carry my great idea book everywhere. When I’m inspired by something I see or hear, I jot it down. It has a lot of notes about the recruiting we’re doing for our 2012 class.

2. Sometimes players get caught up in the mistakes that happen; they just can’t let things go and get back to business. To help them keep a healthy attitude about mistakes and focus on the next moment, I have them flush those mistakes away. Really, the toilet makes a flushing sound.

3. These are very important numbers to me: Of the 55 women who have spent four years in our program, 54 have graduated. That 55th woman, she’s one class from her degree. I think she’ll get it done.

4. I got that when I got the job here at LMU. It was made by a friend who is an artist. Ironically, we played college ball against one another, but we have remained friends over the years.

5. This is a commendation from the city of Los Angeles to Sneaker Sisters, a service organization I co-founded to use athletics to reach kids in underserved neighborhoods.

6. The license plate says “Just do it,” and that is just my attitude. It’s the actual plate on the last car I owned and drove in my home state of Indiana. Sometimes my team will pull a prank on me, and this is a hot item on their list of things to steal.

7. This represents the first WCC regular season championship our women’s basketball team won for LMU. That was in 2004–05.