Lions Athletic Center

The Lions Athletic Center, which opened April 1, 2011, is a top-notch facility featuring the Chad and Ginni Dreier Strength and Conditioning Center and the ADG Conference Room. It houses a top-of-the-line weight-training room, 15 LCD monitors for instruction and reviewing video, a state-of-the-art sound system, four locker rooms, two conference rooms and more. William Husak, athletic director, says the facilities “are every bit as good, if not better, than our competitors. In fact, the first two recruits who saw the new weight room committed to attend LMU.” The center represents the completion of Stage 2 in athletics improvements. Next up is a major renovation of locker rooms and training facilities in Gersten Pavilion.

Click here to view a slideshow of the new Lions Athletic Center.

For more information about the Lions Athletic Center, contact Brian Luft, assistant athletics director for development, at 310.338.7853 or email

lions athletic center diagram