Marriage Miles

Step by step, avid runners Kevin Komenkul ’06 and Jan Minette Laqui ’05 move closer together.

First marker passed: Off to a fast start, Kevin and Jan Minette meet in 2004 thanks to the Business Ethics Fortnight, a unique academic/athletic competition that is called L.A.’s Weirdest Biathlon by the LMU organizers. Kevin and Jan Minette, both working toward business administration degrees, are assigned to different teams but they find time to train together.

Second marker passed: The pair takes training runs across the LMU campus, around the field above Drollinger Parking Plaza and along Ignatian Circle. They run the 5K together but as competitors.

Third marker passed: They enjoy more training runs now as teammates for a 10K in 2005. Kevin and Jan Minette compete together on an LMU team that ties for first place with a team from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Fourth marker passed: In 2011, they complete the L.A. Marathon together in the pouring rain. They become active members in A Runner’s Circle run club while balancing their careers. Kevin works in financial services at Primerica and Jan Minette earns her master’s degree and begins working as a speech pathology intern at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange.

Fifth marker passed: In November 2011, Kevin decides to propose to Jan Minette. His brother expects him to propose at a race, but Kevin has another plan: propose at Disneyland under the fireworks. But his usual meticulous race planning fails him: He has the wrong time and misses the fireworks by 15 minutes. Still, he takes the next step.

Sixth marker passed: Jan Minette says yes.

Seventh marker passed: In 2013, they announce their wedding plans in a running-centered video to the theme from “Chariots of Fire.”

Eighth marker passed: Feb. 22, 2014, Kevin and Jan Minette are married at Sacred Heart Chapel. The reception is held at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills. Their many race bibs are the numbers that mark the tables.

There have been many, many runs, including three marathons, five half-marathons, six 10Ks and a bunch of 5Ks. Kevin runs faster and waits for Jan Minette at the finish lines, though once she passed him when he had cramps.

Now they’re in it for the long run.