Mullet Mania

The 2020–21 LMU men’s basketball team surprised some fans by finishing third in the West Coast Conference. More surprising was forward Keli Leaupepe and his mullet going viral on social media: “The best mullet in college basketball …”; “College basketball Twitter’s new cult hero.” Mullets are both revered and reviled in the U.S., but Leaupepe, who is averaging 9.3 points per game this season, says they’re popular back home, in Australia. Here’s a guide for choosing your own mullet style for the 2021–22 season. —The Editor

Short Mullet

This mullet is a more modern interpretation of the style made famous by eshays in the ’90s, British chavs, and Australian drill rap scene. The top half of your hair should be significantly shorter than the back, but you can keep it consistent or shaggy until you reach your ears. From there, let the longer locks hit at the middle of the neck. Shape the face with a French crop, or leave the sides with a fade or a faux hawk.

Fringe Mullet

For a high-fashion, editorial-inspired take on the mullet, add statement bangs. A thick, straight across blunt fringe gives it a futuristic feel. These bangs emphasize the disconnection between the front and back sections and look great on oval face shapes. The bangs themselves should be blow-dried smooth.

Curly Mullet

Curly hair is a perfect match for the mullet cut. That’s because the natural volume and bounce of curls soften the change in length from front to back. This look works well if you rock the ’70s- or ’80s-inspired style, as it brings to mind retro rock stars and Hollywood’s leading men of that era.

Mohawk Mullet

Ever dreamed of having a few haircuts at once? Now you can, thanks to the mohawk mullet. With a hairstyle that defies gravity, you can keep your locks at any length. However, for a more authentic mullet feel, keep the top of your head a bit shorter than the bottom. Alternatively, you can work some sea salt spray into it for a more shaggy feel or leave it natural.

Punk Mullet

For this hard-as-nails hairstyle, keep the hair on the top close to the skin. Toward the crown of your head, leave the tips a little longer, so you can spike them up with gel or clay. This look works well with long or short locks; just make sure it’s as short as possible above the ears.

Keli Leaupepe, from Melbourne, Australia, was named to the 2020–21 WCC Honorable Mention Team after his sophomore season.