Run, Bunny, Run

Every spring semester for the past five years, members of the Crimson Circle service org pull off a harmless, hilarious prank. A man-sized bunny — a Crimson member in costume — is carted across campus while hidden in a recycling bin. At a prearranged moment, the bunny “escapes,” making a mad, frenzied dash for freedom. Of course, he fails. The bunny is captured and returned we know not where. Andy Langdon ’14, a Crimson Circle member, helped arrange a secret meeting with the bunny after his capture. This is his sad story.

“First, let me say on the record: I’m not happy being a kept bunny. No bunny with a carrot’s worth of self-respect would. The Crimson Circle crowd, they say they need to make me into a ‘bunny for others.’ They feed me burgers, burritos and fries. They take me to the vet when I get mangy. They’re the oldest service org, they say, as if that makes me proud. But I’m not sure they really care about me. Take that recycling bin they cart me around in. I get bounced around in there like a marble in a shoebox. This spring, I made a break for it again. It was mid-April, on a nearly cloudless day. Cool ocean breezes drifted through campus. I heard a crowd of visitors, friendly kids and parents on an admission tour. Lots of distractions. I noticed the Crimson guys forgot to lock the bin. At Alumni Mall, I rubbed my foot, threw open the lid, leapt out and bolted by Foley Pond, Von Der Ahe, Malone, into Sunken Garden. I could smell sweet freedom. But they chased me down, and I’m back where I was. Next year, I’ll be a little bigger, faster, smarter. Yeah, next year, it’ll be different.”