Chat: Should I Travel or Start My Career?

“After four years of hard work and study, I’ve finally earned my degree. I’m eager to get to work, but I’d also like to see the world. Should I travel now or get started right away on my career?”—Bo Hamby ’16

Definitely travel! I spent a year living and working in New Zealand after I graduated from LMU. My current employers thought it showed my maturity and independence, as well as my ability and willingness to work hard.
Mollie Bruhl ’13 (via Facebook)

My advice is to land a job that you want. There is always vacation time to travel. If you can’t find a job initially that leads to something you want to do and if you can afford to travel without too much financial worry, then travel!
Tony Bailey ’96 (via Instagram)

When I’m done with my Ph.D. next year, the first thing I want to do is travel. I regret not taking time to explore the world when I finished at LMU, and I won’t make that mistake again.
Sarah Carratt ’13 (via LinkedIn)

Travel while the dollar is strong and until the student loans come knocking — which is in six months.
Vlad Galyuz ’02 (via Instagram)

It depends on the purpose of the travel. Hanging out on a tropical beach drinking beer would be fun, but traveling to other countries — or even other parts of the U.S. — to experience the culture would be a positive experience that would benefit you for the rest of your life.
John Grace ’81 (via LinkedIn)

I was lucky to sign a contract with LAUSD before graduation, so I started my teaching career immediately. Times are much different now. So I’d say to go with the best opportunity, whether it’s travel or work. No regrets, you know?
Jenin (Vergara) Gin ’03 (via Instagram)