Silicon Beach: The Next Wave

Silicon is the second most common element by weight in the Earth’s crust at 28 percent, more common than carbon, which isn’t even in the top 10. But silicon accounts for only 0.8 percent of the Earth’s crust by volume. Disappointing, perhaps. After Silicon Valley’s economic boom, leaders nationwide wished their region would become the country’s second tech incubator. Many hoped and were disappointed. Nonetheless, dreaming is an essential element in entrepreneurialism. L.A.’s Silicon Beach has spread to Playa Vista, the LMU neighborhood, with the arrival of powerhouse corporations such as Google and Yahoo. If the entrepreneurialism molecule works by bonding dreams with capital, then the third crucial component must be opportunity. Opportunity isn’t being overlooked at LMU. “The growing number of companies in Silicon Beach will provide rich internship and employment opportunities for our students. Our new industry partnerships team in the Office of Career and Professional Development, in collaboration with deans and faculty, is developing strategies to strengthen connections with these employers to position LMU as the preferred and convenient campus from which to recruit talent,” says Maureen Weatherall, vice provost for Enrollment Management.

  1. EA Sports—video game developer, arrived in 2003
  2. SCE Santa Monica Studio—video game developer, arrived in 2014
  3. Microsoft—technology company, arrived in 2013
  4. Deutsch LA—ad/marketing agency, arrived in 2000
  5. Digital Domain—visual effects and technology, arrived in 2013
  6. TBWA\Chiat\Day—ad/marketing agency, arrived in 1998
  7. Belkin—consumer electronics and accessories, arrived in 2010
  8. ICANN—assigns internet domains, arrived in 2012
  9. Facebook—social network, arrived in 2011
  10. Imax—large-format film production, arriving in 2015
  11. Google—internet technology, arriving soon
  12. Yahoo—internet portal, arriving in fall 2015
  13. YouTube—video-sharing website, arrived in 2012
  14. Gehry Technologies—architectural and design technology, arrived in 2013
  15. Rubicon Project—advertising technology, arrived in 2013
  16. Rovi Corp.—digital entertainment technology, arrived in 2011
  17. 72andsunny—advertising and design, arrived in 2013