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Joe Wakelee-Lynch

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Border Crossing

In November 1985, a group of Gryphon Circle women decided they wanted to paint a dorm at Rancho San Juan Bosco boys orphanage in Tecate, Mexico, to the east of Tijuana.

Dean Scheibel

Dean Scheibel is professor in the Communication Studies Department and director of Interdisciplinary Applied Programs, both in the College of Communication and Fine Arts. His research interests include the organization of sororities, rock bands, roller derby, surfing and graffiti. He is currently working on graphic novels and plays guitar in the Back Pages rock band. These are some of the books he’s been reading lately. Scheibel gave us six titles, but there was room in LMU Magazine only for the first four below. The other two are included here.—The Editor

A Conversation with Dwayne Hickman ’56

Young Dwayne Hickman was a TV fixture in the 1950s and early ’60s in a supporting role (while a student at Loyola) in the smash hit “The Bob Cummings Show” and the lead — Dobie Gillis — in the groundbreaking comedy “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” Hickman has enjoyed a full career in acting and directing, and another as a painter, which he pursues today. (See his artwork at here.) We spoke to him about both.

A Conversation With Hawley Almstedt

Hawley Almstedt is associate professor in the Department of Health and Human Sciences of the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Her work focuses on bone development and the prevention of osteoporosis. In between her work and maintaining her own active lifestyle, Almstedt also helps run LMU’s Human Performance Laboratory, which offers to the LMU community a range of exercise, fitness and nutritional analysis services. She was interviewed by José Martinez ’11.

A Conversation With Nora Murphy

Nora Murphy is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. Her research specialty centers on “first impressions” and how individuals accurately detect the traits and characteristics of others in a social interaction, particularly through nonverbal communication.

Breaking Into the Brewing Business

Chris Enegren ’06, his brother, Matt ’08, and Joe Nascenzi ’06 have turned their love for beer into a business. In September 2010, they started a craft beer company in Moorpark, Calif., Enegren Brewing Co, and they celebrated their grand opening in July. We sat down with Chris, who earned a mechanical engineering degree, to talk about Ventura Co.’s new brewery. Chris was interviewed by John Kissell.

Remembering Clay

Last night, we paid our respects to a young man who was changed by the world, in some ways for the better, in others for the worse. At a memorial service for Clay Hunt in Sacred Heart Chapel, we experienced…

The Spy’s Tale

On Sunday, March 27, a small, frail woman with a big story came to LMU: Marthe Cohn, spy. Cohn, born in 1920, is a French Jew who was raised in a family that spoke German as well as they spoke…

Building with Haze and Mist

On the second floor of University Hall hangs a photograph of the Loyola College groundbreaking celebration of May 20, 1928. A temporary stage hovers in the background, while benches and folding chairs, cars parked haphazardly and people fitted out in…